• Eduardo Almeida - Fotógrafo Profissional Especializado em Gastronomia

Eduardo Almeida

Professional Food Photographer

I am a freelancer photographer specialized in Food Photography and I help restaurants and food and beverage companies to value their products by creating powerful and delicious images.

I studied Graphic Design at UFRJ what gave me a strong base to my work as a commercial photographer, from the planning of the photo session to the understanding of how the photos i make work on the hole marketing campaign. But above all this skills help me on creating an harmonic composition on the images.

For more than 10 years I worked in Rio de Janeiro and had my photographs published in the main media such as “O Globo”, “O Dia” and “Jornal do Brasil” news papers, the magazines “Veja Rio”, “Gula” And “Prazeres da Mesa” and worked for clients such as “Aconchego Carioca”, “Galli Grill”, “Hotel Hilton” and “Domino’s Pizza Brasil”.

I moved to Porto in 2019 and today I work for both Portugal and Europe.